Entrepreneur, Innovator, Musician

Lewis Barham
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Musician, Speaker

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My journey has been challenging yet exciting. From excelling at Saint Felix School sixth form as a musician, speaker and academically, my ambition was to go on to a first class university such as Cambridge to study General Engineering. I was awarded an Arkwright Scholarship for my interest and passion in IT and computing.

Unfortunately ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome put the brakes on my plans and I had to reconsider my entire lifestyle from scratch. Quite a challenge for a very ambitious 18 year old. Since leaving school I’ve been providing ad hoc IT support to a number of individuals and businesses in Suffolk including Clothing By Jinnie.

My most recent venture is Lucis Digital, helping SMEs in Norfolk and Suffolk grow in the online space. Alongside this I am studying cyber security, as the demand for skills in IT security are growing as the threats become more pervasive.

When I have the energy I love exploring the outdoors and going on adventures. In a world of constant ubiquitous connection, disconnection and retreat in nature is every more important.

I am a Grade 8 ABRSM/Trinity Singer and Pianist although I haven’t involved myself in music for a number of years.



I have experience in digital marketing, software development, IT support and cyber security.

My main skills are thinking around problems and finding innovative solutions. I enjoy being technical and creative and working in an agile and flexible way. I am currently looking for remote support work.

For a full and complete history of my work see my LinkedIn profile at the bottom of the page.

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